SCRAP CAR in Hong Kong Q & A



1.     Can I join the one-for-one replacement scheme by scrap my car with Yuen Fat?

Yes, we support the tax waived scheme for electric vehicles with official scrap certificate.


2.     Do I need to pay any fee for car cancellation at transport department?

This is free. Please go to transport department within 15 days.


3.     How can I keep my vehicle registration mark?

After completing the deal with an official scrapping company, you can do the retaining process together with the cancellation vehicle process at transport department at the same counter.

Bring documents:

Vehicle registration document

Vehicle license

Scrapping document

Form of retaining vehicle registration mark (TD129)

Fee: 560 HKD


4.     Can I get a refund on an unexpired vehicle license fee (like 5 months)?

It is refundable when the unexpired license fee is over 60 days. No extra form is needed for the case of vehicle cancellation registration. The cheque will be posted to your registered address.


5. I didn’t use my car for over two years and got the cancel notice from transport department, it means no further process that I have to do?

Transport department only stops your usage right, you are still legally responsible for any circumstances.

To cancel the ownership of the car, please contact an officially registered scrapping company to get rid of the car completely.


6. I lost my vehicle registration document. Can I scrap my car?

We can provide the scrapping document with chassis no. of car. Then the owner must go to transport department in person, to regain the vehicle registration document and take the cancellation registration.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.